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Lighting a Path of the Kindess Approach

The Kindness Approach


My motivation and passion is to walk with my clients on their path and shine a light towards an understanding of the new possibilities and choices that await each of us with a shift in perspective.

One of the most important shifts in perspective that I encourage is a movement in thought away from a critical approach and toward a Kinder Approach with ourselves.

I call this the Kindness Approach

I believe that we all have the opportunity to develop self-awareness, an internal mindfulness that is one of the key components which leads to emotional well-being. An important first step is to begin understanding how we interact with ourselves through our unique inner dialogue.

This unique inner dialogue that I’m speaking of is what science identifies as a stream of verbal consciousness.  This stream begins in childhood, and is shaped not only by our life experiences, but by how and what we think about those experiences. This forms the basis for our inner dialogue, the way we approach ourselves and our lives on a daily basis.

How many of us have been taking a Critical Approach with ourselves?

Too often, our inner dialogue begins to develop into a more critical voice, experienced as negative thoughts or self-talk. This critical approach to communicating with ourselves especially shows itself in our life issues, where we can develop a continuous stream of negative thoughts and criticisms toward ourselves.


This critical approach can limit our ability to see options and choices. When we pay attention to our internal critical voice, we shut down creative ways to solve issues we may be having, and it narrows our ability to make changes that may be limiting our life.

A critical approach can create negative beliefs about who we are,

and limit our chances of creating the life that we envision.

Taking a Kinder Path

One of the valuable stepping stones we’ll take while we walk together on your path will be learning to use the Kindness Approach to listen to and uncover your internal dialogue, and discover ways to shift from critical self-talk to a kinder inner voice, a voice that has the best intentions for your life.


The Value of Inner Kindness

Taking this Kinder Approach to processing life experiences leads to greater self-awareness, and feelings of empathy, confidence, hopefulness, empowerment and knowing your value.

The ability to learn and practice inner kindness is one of the most important elements to experiencing sustained fulfillment in life.  Taking a Kinder Inner Approach can awaken you to a realignment with yourself and a renewed interaction with the choices and possibilities for the life you want to create.

To Download a PDF of The Kindness Approach

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